The Situationist City. Simon Sadler

The Situationist City

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The Situationist City Simon Sadler

The situationists were concerned with expressing their desires and the desires of the city, embracing play and rejecting work, creating 'situations' in which one could engage with the city as flux – an ever changing event. €� By Tom McDonough – Tuesday, 16th March 2010. Ever since I started teaching this course in 2003, I've wanted to incorporate the work of the Situationist International in ways more explicit than my brief lectures on spectacle and modernity. By the end of Savage Messiah, the utopian impulse of Situationist urbanism returns while the city is smashed, and even the police seem to fade into mere afterthought. Diorama Map: Photographing the Situationist City. The Situationists' focus on the city has been central to McDonough's choice of documents. Tom McDonough celebrates the subversive poetic vision of the Situationists. In my final year in graduate school I learned about a group called the Situationist International and I became fascinated with their imaginative imagery that drew from architecture and art. Drawing out mental maps of cities is nary a dull activity (first time I've used the word 'nary'). Guy Debord's 1957 map The Naked City. The Situationists: Guy Debord, Michèle Bernstein and Asger Jorn. He seeks to redefine notions of the Situationists' urban critique, arguing that instead it persisted throughout the group's duration. Home > SDS Programs > Foundation > laboratory > lab readings > The Situationist City.

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